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"Money is a numbers game. When you know how to play it safe, you win every time."
I’m Randy Sanders, a certified paralegal specializing in taxation. 

I don’t do tax returns, but for 25 years I’ve been teaching Tax Free Retirement to industry professionals and consumers. I’m also insurance licensed for those clients who want to improve the return growth on their life insurance or annuity products.

When I talk to clients, I see numbers revolving around their heads. I see their “unknown inefficiencies” which all-to-often lead to glaring future lost income. I love sleuthing the imbalances of a tax return to let the client discover what a big difference the improvements will make.

A good client who passed years ago called me his Equity Doctor.

With my financial and tax background; like the doctor putting your x-ray up to the light, I’m able to tell you what’s inside your situation, what your choices are and the relative advantage of each to have the best diagnosis and the highest income in retirement.
I’m Randy Sanders. 
“My passion is to orchestrate the highest possible legal retirement income for my client.”
Equity comes from scrimping, saving, and investing. What you do with it is based on recommendations from friends, family, attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors.  

The big problem is that while they may be well meaning, they all have their own diverse vision and agenda. Increasingly, your success with your money can be unknowingly compromised. 

Like someone who is prescribed medication through the years for the “issue du jour” but in fact as time goes on, there are more prescriptions for more things and by the time the conflicts are discovered (if ever), the damage is irreversible – PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! 

The proper Life Insurance and Annuities can be champions for investment growth, but understand, you don’t need to buy anything to optimize for Near Tax Free or Tax Free retirement.
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“Retirement money is like hidden treasure. It’s all around you—you just need the right guide to know how to find it!  
~ Randy Sanders
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Prescribing the Right Solution for YOUR Money
“Retirement” means “the rest of your life,” that huge amount of time when you get to take advantage of all the hard work you put in over the years.  

Most people don’t realize that the proper engineering of an optimized tax free retirement takes an average of 5 to 10 years to accomplish. It is critical to have started by your 60s or sooner. After 70 it becomes a rescue plan because Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are locked in.    

Why even consider putting retirement money into risky investments when just having income “Tax Optimized” can mean 20 to 30% more income for the rest of your life? We don’t need a stack of fancy graphs and charts to simply show you the trajectory and resolutions for your current situation.    

If you just want to continue to maximize asset growth - we have the right tools to match you with the best products. If you just want to “Tax Optimize” we will analyze, orchestrate and implement the optimal plan for you.   

If you want the power of both disciplines working at the same time – we welcome you to our world.  

You can have a healthy improved financial life. I look forward to that discovery with you.
Appointed by Mayor Bradley as Co-Chairperson for Community Relations for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Appointed by Senator Emerson to the Senior Scam Panel.

Appointed to the Small Business Advisory Council.
Certified Paralegal specializing in taxation / 12 year volunteer with Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Benefit.

Author of the Wine & Wisdom Series.
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